Practical Bioinformatics

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Furthermore, with such extensive online resources, how can a scientist use each database to its full potential by optimizing the settings and thoroughly analyzing the results?

Lecture 1: Introduction to bioinformatics and the course

It is easy for one to use powerful analysis software but have little comprehension of how the program works and how to sufficiently analyze the output, which can lead any researcher to critical errors. Practical Bioinformatics was written with these issues and questions in mind, for the biologist with little to no sequence analysis experience. Each chapter is set up to conduct you through a particular example query or two , and is supplemented with specific screen shots from the database so that it is possible to follow along, whether you are on your computer doing the search in conjunction with the author or not.

This was extremely valuable. The author then describes thoroughly how results could be interpreted and the different parameters that could be changed depending on your query, as well as other databases available that may be more useful depending on the sequence you are working with. The conclusion of each chapter presents a series of exercise questions that are useful tools to perform additional searches and further explore the capabilities of the bioinformatics databases available.

This textbook would be useful to any biologist, as its chapters span RNA sequencing to protein analysis to miRNA target prediction.

Practical Bioinformatics

It is hard to think of a database currently available online on which this text does not include a detailed tutorial. It would serve as a great reference for starting a sequencing analysis, troubleshooting a difficult sequence, or discovering more about an interesting sequence. As someone who is unfamiliar with many of the finer details of sequencing analysis, I found this text easy to read and understand, and it made bioinformatics appealing to learn about, as some pages contained highlighted boxes of interesting facts about the history of sequencing, biology, or various discoveries.

I appreciated that the book took the time to explain how the databases worked, so that you could better understand their capabilities, instead of just telling you what to enter in each field on each query screen.

The potential for such online databases is immense and will only continue to grow in the future as more data is amassed and compiled on the Internet. Iwona A.

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