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Sometimes a book simply doesn't need perfect writing, beautiful language or consistent, flawless plotlines. The Outsiders is one of those books. It has flaws, not everything is believable. But there is someth Sometimes there are peculiar stories, stories which will not leave you for a long time and which are going to accompany you long after having turned the last page. But there is something else it has: heartwarming emotions. And sometimes a book needs nothing but to be full of emotions, and that's what moved me so much in this engaging tale which is, in its very essence, a love letter to humanity and friendship.

View all 30 comments. Hinton started writing this book when she was In the end, she decided to write the kind of young adult novel she wanted to read: about real issues, written truthfully and with painful realism. This was a very controversial book in its day: I know my high school did not have it on the curriculum.

The Outsiders Book Review

What an excellent, inspiring novel. I remember how moved I had been when I read Catcher in the Rye which, oddly enough, despite all the curse words and "sexy" situations, was permitted reading in my high school.

The characters in The Outsiders seemed like real boys to me. My heart broke for the Curtis brothers, and especially for Darrie, who had to give up his college scholarship so he could keep his brothers together.

What a tragic but equally uplifting story. It has also stood the test of time. Good job, S.

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View all 25 comments. Oct 03, Duane rated it it was amazing Shelves: book-challenge , american-classics , 5-star-books , reviewed-books , favorite-books , rated-books , young-adult. Occasionally a book is written at the perfect time, with the perfect story, with the perfect group of characters; and it is written with a passion and an insight that make it unique, that distinguishes it from any other book and any other story.

And sometimes it defines a generation, or a culture or sub-culture of that generation. That, my friends, is what this book does. Is that what 15 year old Susan Eloise Hinton had in mind when she started to write this book? Probably not, but she was affec Occasionally a book is written at the perfect time, with the perfect story, with the perfect group of characters; and it is written with a passion and an insight that make it unique, that distinguishes it from any other book and any other story.

Probably not, but she was affected by what she saw in her Oklahoma high school; the presence of two rival gangs, the Greasers and the Socs. It inspired her to write a story, their story, and by doing so it resonated across a nation, across a generation, and it became what it is today, a symbol of that generation, and a classic in American literature. View all 7 comments. I LOVE this book. I don't know why I find it so good.

The whole thing just seems so real. It's really exciting, and the characters are all really believable. I like how the story was written by a young author who really knew what she was writing about--she based it partly on the experiences of her friends. It's like people say--"Write what you know. Hinton did just that, and did an excellent job. The book does have some corny parts, and is one of very few books that actually made me cr I LOVE this book.

The book does have some corny parts, and is one of very few books that actually made me cry. But it's really fantastic, and I think everyone in the whole world should read it! But don't watch the movie. It's awful. View all 18 comments. We'd do well to think about the greasers out there! Shelves: adorable-thats-what-i-thought , june-reads , favorites , page-turner , books-to-movies , ya-mania , modern-classics , reads , ebooks , geotagged-the-states.

While there are plenty of quirks that set this story apart from the similar coming-of-age dramas, I will write about a few that remain fresh in my memory exactly two months after I read the book. Sodapop and Ponyboy aren't usually the kind of names that you go about hearing everyday in your life.

The Outsiders

Well, Peter and John aren't, either; for I come from another culture, but something about these names tells me that I will keep associating them with The Outsiders as long as nature decides not to eat up my brain, more than I will ever relate Charlie to The Perks of Being a Wallflower. These names certainly have burnt the name of the book into the history of young-adult classics for eternity. The rural-urban, poor-rich, havenots-haves, greasers-sops divide has formed the crux of countless number of stories that men had made up ever since they started witnessing them plague their real lives too, but The Outsiders explores the world of the teenagers who have come into the first touch of harsh reality where they have to fend for themselves and do anything to survive the vile, vile world; even if it includes killing people.

Only, they are not a bunch of savages running around flashing knives and brandishing weapons with a barbaric glint in their eyes-- but real nice kids who would just go to school and try to make it big in their lives if only they had the right avenues opening up before them. You see two of your friends die right in front of your eyes.

Not likely to happen in our always-calm-and-no-storm lives. However it isn't hard to imagine that this might be a everyday happening elsewhere. Kids get into bloody street fights, brawls and get killed- all because that is what they think life is all about and there is no one to lead them out of this vicious circle of life. The cool and detached way Hinton describes the struggles that the Greasers have to face to get through everyday and how they regard friendship as their highest ideal and how the supposedly tough and steel-hearted Dally gave up his life to uphold his virtue sent chills up my spine.

And it reminded me why this extraordinary story of a seemingly simple, unexciting and ordinary bunch of street kids has carved a niche for itself in the annals of the 20th century literary history. Am I mistaken? And here I thought I was capable of writing reviews without screwing up even a little. Actual Rating: 3. They are in constant feud with the "socialite" rich kids, or soc's for short. The very first thing I want to mention about The Outsiders is that S.

Preserving a cultural icon

Hinton was only a year-old high school student when she authored it. She was inspired to write about teenagers in a way that represented them accurately Actual Rating: 3. She was inspired to write about teenagers in a way that represented them accurately because she felt as though there weren't many books doing that. Knowing this particular fact really impressed me, because I would be proud to have published something like this in my 30's or 40's, let alone at This novel's strongest quality is the perspective of its main character, Ponyboy Curtis.

He is 14, the baby of the group, and it becomes clear almost immediately that he struggles to fit into the rigid expectations of his caste. Ponyboy is steadfastly loyal to his gang, shows up for his side in a rumble, and claims the title "greaser" with an air of pride. But Pony is not ignorant to the trouble that comes with being poor in his town, and multiple times he expresses grief over inevitability of his friends' futures. Hinton uses this short tale to make some powerful statements about importance of family, the potency of friendship, and the haste with which all of that can be taken away from you.

The poison of branding individuals by their social standing, the struggling combatting the taboo of leaving a small town in search of personal success. These concepts are handled with an insightful intelligence for a writer so young. Hinton actually ends up exemplifying the point of her novel with her own accomplishment of penning The Outsiders so early on in her life.

The older we get, the easier it is to underestimate how much young people truly know. For me though, this is a book I am glad I will never have to read again. It is very well-written, and shockingly sad in many places over only a handful of pages. But I didn't enjoy it the way I've enjoyed other classics.

May 22, Merphy Napier rated it it was amazing Shelves: classics , five-stars. I'm honestly shocked at how much I loved this book. I couldn't believe how attached I got to these characters in such a short time and the plot kept me guessing the entire time. I couldn't' put it down. This is for sure a new favorite.

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  • View 2 comments. Nov 28, Celeste rated it it was amazing Shelves: classics-i-ve-read , young-adult. Full review now posted! Wow, this was an incredibly powerful book. And it was made more powerful for me by the knowledge that the author was only 16 when she penned it. The story of Ponyboy, his brothers, and their gang of greaser friends was profoundly emotional. The violence between opposing gangs, and the lack of adult knowledge or interference, seemed so sad and pointless, but adolescent rage with no direction or purpose has to exert itself in some way.

    These boys just wanted to survive, an Full review now posted! These boys just wanted to survive, and to possibly find happiness in the process, but life is so very against them. Each of them were unique individuals, despite being members of a gang that sprang from the pen of a teenager. However, my two favorites were Ponyboy, our main character, and Johnny. These two were a little more obviously sensitive than the rest of their group, and the other boys fought desperately to preserve this innocence that they themselves had already lost. This protectiveness was sweet and heartbreaking and seemingly futile in the face of poverty and gang wars and other symptoms of having to living in such a broken world.

    But even in the midst of such tragedy, there is always hope. Sunsets and chocolate cake for breakfast and brothers who would give you the shirt off their backs if it would make you smile all proclaim this hope. Good friends and track meets and laughter and Gone with the Wind all make life worth living, even when it hurts. This is another book that I wish I had found when I was a teenager, but better late than never, right?

    Hinton wrote the story she needed, one of teens portrayed as they really are, in all their angry, laughing glory.