Naval Warfare 1919–1945: An Operational History of the Volatile War at Sea

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However, it believes that victory over the enemy can be attained only through the joint and coordinated efforts of all the armed services and with the use of a variety of means of warfare. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Ireland and the War at Sea has several attractive features. Elaine Murphy. Ireland and the War at Sea: The War at Sea exhibition was masterfully put together, bringing the history of life fighting on the ocean waves to us in an interactive and interesting way.

The carvings are divided up into five areas - war at sea , war in the air, war in Europe, war in the rest of the world and the Home Front. As built, Queen Elizabeth displaced 31, tons and featured a length of feet with a beam of Her profile included four main gun turrets two forward, two aft , twin smoke funnels, and twin masts while her general shape was that of the classic steel warship of the period. HMS Queen Elizabeth offered a naval "first" when introduced with her oil-burning boiler propulsion system as opposed to coal-fired.

Some questioned the design direction due to the reliance on such a volatile resource, typically pulled from faraway lands like Persia, as opposed to the readily-available, tried-and-proven, method of coal-fired boilers.

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Nevertheless, HMS Queen Elizabeth was given 24 x boilers which were mated to 4 x direct drive turbines managing 4 x shafts at 75, shaft horsepower. Coupled with her streamlined hull, the vessel was a fast warship able to make headway at 24 knots. Her range reached out to 8, nautical miles when cruising at She carried 3, tons of oil. Her armament, as built, included 8 x 15" BL Mk I main guns set across four primary turrets with two guns to a turret. Turrets One and Two sat ahead of the bridge superstructure with turrets Three and Four aft of the aft mast, overlooking the stern.

This allowed for attack angles both forward and behind the vessel with at least two turrets as well as a full broadside bringing all four turrets in play. There was also 2 x 3" QF 20 cwt Anti-Aircraft AA guns for local defense, 4 x 3-pdr salute cannons, and 4 x 21" mm torpedo tubes - the latter submerged under the waterline. Due to the Ottoman Empire's Turkey entry into the war on the side of the Central Powers Germany, Austria-Hungary , and at the behest of the Russians to provide another front in the East, HMS Queen Elizabeth joined a fleet of older warships in their cruise to the Dardanelles from the Mediterranean waters where she had trialed.

The Battle of the Dardenelles was part of an over-lying campaign enacted on February 19th into March 18th, and saw a combined British-French force were sent to overtake Ottoman defensive forts along the mined waterway leading to the Sea of Marmara and, ultimately, Istanbul Constantinople. Along with the forts, the force would have to contend with mines, torpedo boats, and mobile offshore guns fielded by the Ottomans.

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WW2 Documentary - The Battle of Midway

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