Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerika Bomber: The Luftwaffes Lost Transatlantic Bomber

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The plane would be ditched off the east coast, and its crew would be picked up by a waiting U-boat. When plans had advanced far enough, the lack of fuel and the loss of the base at Bordeaux prevented a test. The project was abandoned after the forced move to Istres increased the distance too much. Another proposal was the Daimler-Benz Project C. This was a huge carrier aircraft , carrying either five "Project E" aircraft or six "Project F" aircraft.

The smaller aircraft had jet-engines and were designed to be kamikaze -airplanes. The Huckepack Projekt was brought up again at multiple joint conferences between the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine.

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However, after a few weeks the plan was abandoned on August 21, The plan saw no further development, since the Kriegsmarine would not cooperate with the Luftwaffe. Other proposals were far more exotic jet- and rocket -powered designs, e.

The Arado company also suggested a six-jet flying wing design, the Arado E. Other designs were rockets with wings. Included in the plan was a list of 21 targets of military importance in North America. Many of these would not have been viable targets for conventional bombers of World War II, operating from bases in Europe. Of these targets, 19 were located in the United States; one in Vancouver, Canada a possibly achievable target for a similar Japanese project and one in Greenland.

Nearly all were companies that manufactured parts for aircraft, so the goal was likely to cripple US aircraft production. According to British Intelligence, a German prisoner of war was quoted saying that since the beginning of , "…regular air travel between Germany and Japan [was] established for the transport of high officials," and took place with the Messerschmitt Me For the bomber to be an effective weapon, these engineering challenges need to be addressed.

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Had Hitler spent more time and resources on this project, it may have had a chance of working. However, unless Germany developed an atomic bomb , which would have taken even more time and resources, it is unlikely this aircraft would have made a big impact on the outcome of the war. Historian James P. Duffy [ citation needed ] believed that Germany had no central authority over the development and construction of advanced weaponry.


Because of this, German scientists were forced to compete for resources that were already scarce due to the war. Hitler was often swayed to spend more time, money and resources on his "miracle weapons" or projects that were exciting and new, but less likely to be successful. As a result insufficient attention was given to the Amerika-Bomber project. The project failed to come to fruition, not because the transatlantic bomber was not feasible, but because the Nazis were unable to manufacture enough parts to produce the aircraft. The Allied bombing was so intense near the end of the war it disrupted the German supply chain.

Messerschmitt Me 264 Amerikabomber: The Luftwaffe's Lost Transatlantic…

Also, the German war machine was running very low on supplies, particularly fuel and kept what little was left for defense. Ultimately, all of these projects were deemed too expensive and ambitious and were thus abandoned. Sign In Don't have an account? Service Luftwaffe - -!

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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter ov Start date Apr 26, Joined Feb 18, Messages 85 Reaction score 3. Chosen from designs for an "Amerika Bomber" tendered by Messerschmitt, Junkers, and Focke-Wulf, this ultra-long-range aircraft would be capable of attacking cities in the United States. Dazzling digital artwork and 50 rare archival photographs perfectly complement the detailed analysis offered by Robert Forsyth as he examines the development, intended role, and influence of the aircraft that Hitler planned to use to bomb New York City.

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