Emotional Intelligence at Work

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These days, however, we are allowing emotions at work and recognizing the benefits of doing so. And emotional intelligence matters more than it used to because the workplace has changed.

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Today we work largely in teams, not isolation, for one thing, and savvy companies are realizing that recognizing emotions exist can lead to healthier environments. People with higher emotional intelligence are also more adaptable to change—a must in our fast-changing digital age. In addition, leaders with higher emotional intelligence tend to have happier employees who then stay longer, reducing the costs of attrition, and try harder, increasing productivity. An article at Forbes cites examples of salespeople with higher emotional intelligence significantly outperforming other salespeople, and states that in a study of executives, emotional intelligence was a higher predictor of success than experience or IQ.

Companies that are hiring want to make sure they choose job candidates who will mesh well with existing teams. As a result, about 20 percent of organizations are now testing for emotional intelligence as part of their hiring processes.

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Even the smartest person needs good people skills to succeed these days. A high IQ alone is no longer enough.

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  • A high IQ is also something we tend to be born with while emotional intelligence is something we can work to improve. But the payoffs are worth it as we become better employees, better spouses, and all around better people.

    Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

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    • In her free time, she is a veteran of poetry and philosophy. College Degree Vs. On-demand Webinar. What Is Emotional Intelligence? This highly attended and expertly facilitated course offers participants the opportunity to focus on the essential elements that lead to the building of or erosion of effective relationships and subsequent outcomes.

      Emotional Intelligence EQ is much more than simply understanding and naming your emotions. It is a model rooted in years of proven neuroscience research that reveals ways to deliberately and intentionally utilize your emotions as actual data to create optimal results in professional and personal relationships.

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      Class participants will learn the bottom line benefits associated with deepening self-awareness and practice methods to begin altering ineffective mindsets and approaches. EQ involves the ability to accurately identify emotions in self and others, to modify or regulate them, and express empathy. It is a set of essential, learnable skills.

      Time is spent in this class building awareness of the evolutionary role of emotions, recognizing and potentially shifting some habitual response patterns, applying consequential or outcome-based thinking, and expanding your ability to develop key relationship skills. Join us for this practical, results-oriented workshop that links the neuroscience of EQ to personal and business applications These social skills include intuition, empathy, and social responsibility.

      Empathy is a clear sign of emotional intelligence. This is a corollary to valuing oneself and having intuition. A sense of social responsibility creates an adeptness to motivate desirable behaviors in others. Employees with this skill have influencing tactics to make people produce the desired results. Such individuals are seen as change catalysts, inspiring and motivating others to be the best they can be. These employees are also better able to handle and resolve conflicts involving themselves or between others.

      As a result of their commitment to the shared vision, emotionally intelligent people build bonds and foster collaboration between co-workers, driving all else to achieve the goals.

      Emotional intelligence at work - The Management Centre

      However, many organizations are beginning to take a different look at this all-important factor, with several studies confirming the link between high EQ and excellent work performance. A Fortune company had prioritized personality assessment tests for selecting candidates for many years, despite the high-turnover in the sales department. This is because of the high employee engagement found in high EQ work environments.

      Low EQ environments, on the other hand, breed employee burnout and reduced productivity.

      Improving Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

      One study conducted by a company in Dallas to compare the productivity levels between employees with low EQs and those with high EQs discovered that workers with high emotional intelligence were 20 times more productive than those with low scores. Emotional intelligence is the single, best predictor of the success of an organization across all levels.

      Emotional intelligence at work: Why IQ isn’t everything

      Regardless of the academic portfolio of prospective employees, chances are that without a high EQ, these workers performances will stall, imparting the bottom line negatively.