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The men fled, put their shoes and clothes in a hole and poured acid on them to hide evidence, according to the indictment. The other fires were at the U. Tubbs also acknowledged an attempted arson of the U. Forest Industries headquarters in Medford She was convicted of involvement in five firebombings -- at the Vail ski resort, the Childers Meat Co. A federal judge also found that some of Gerlach's crimes warranted a "terrorism enchancement.

Judge Ann L.

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Aiken told her. Gerlach indicated at her sentencing that the times were changing. Nathan Fraser Block of Olympia pleaded guilty to conspiracy and arson and was sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison. He was released on Oct. District Judge Ann Aiken didn't reduce his sentence reached in a plea bargain, saying she found no remorse in Block for the arson at the Clatskanie tree farm. Block crawled under the SUVs and helped set a device attached to sheets soaked in gas that joined the vehicles, prosecutors said.

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He and Stanislas Meyerhoff set the device to ignite before a guard returned. Prosecutors said he and co-defendant Joyanna Zacher helped another Family member, William Rodgers, grow and distribute marijuana, using the proceeds to fund arson. Joyanna L. Zacher of Olympia pleaded guilty to conspiracy and arson and was sentenced to seven years and eight months in prison.

She was released on Oct.


District Judge Ann Aiken didn't reduce her sentence reached in a plea bargain, saying she found no remorse in Zacher for the arson at the Clatskanie tree farm. She was one of the lookouts. They carried that animus within the conspiracy," a government sentencing memo says. He was released on June 5, He sobbed as he entered his plea, saying his actions weren't the work of a terrorist but someone who cared deeply about saving forests.

He said he took full responsibility for his actions and regretted them. He was involved in the arson at the Superior Lumber Co. A federal judge found that the tree farm fire was terrorism because it was intended to influence legislation. A communique issued afterward made reference to potential legislation to curb radicals. District Judge Ann Aiken told McGowan, the son of a New York city transit cop, that he was a coward for donning a mask and setting fires to scare people rather than working positively to protect the environment.

McGowan joined The Family in after taking part in anarchist riots in Seattle to protest World Trade Organization meetings, a prosecutor said. McGowan's wife, who married him after his arrest, made a tearful plea for mercy, saying she was shocked to learn of his past, which was so different from the man she loved.

He pleaded guilty to conspiracy and arson for the fire that destroyed the Cavel West horse slaughterhouse in Redmond. He was released on July 1, Paul had been a leading voice in the nation's radical movement to protect whales, wild horses and wilderness areas. At a news conference on the day of Paul's plea, the FBI's special agent in charge for Oregon declared victory. They spent year after year using violence to try to intimidate you and your government into their twisted way of thinking. In a interview with The Oregonian, Paul tried to explain why some activists took extreme measures, even arson, to make points about humans' destruction of Earth and its creatures:.

We compare ourselves to the underground railroad, to some guerrilla movements that are trying to free themselves from oppressive governments. The only thing that's different about us is that we expand our thinking to other species and to the planet as a whole. Paul is the younger brother of twin sisters Alexandra Paul, a star of the former TV series "Baywatch," and Caroline Paul, an author and former San Francisco firefighter.

Eco-terrorism in the West: A who's who of the convicted, the arrested, the missing -

She was released on March 24, She pleaded guilty to conspiracy and arson charges. Savoie's prison sentence recognized her cooperation with investigators and that she left the group in and had committed no crimes since then. She also pleaded guilty to attempted arson and arson at U.

Forest Industries, a private timber company, in Medford in District Judge Ann Aiken recognized that Tankersley left the conspiracy after one fire and cooperated when arrested. The 9th U. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Tankerley's sentence was reasonable even though she wasn't found to have engaged in domestic terrorism as did some of her co-defendants. As many as 16 were involved in the conspiracy as members of the Earth Liberation Front and Animal Liberation Front, authorities said.

Prosecutors said Tankersley researched U. They fled and learned later that the devices had malfunctioned. Tankersley drove back to U. Forest Industries and waited in the car while her cohort placed the new devices.

On the Terrorism Watch List for Years

Darren Todd Thurston of Canada admitted that he helped burn down the U. Bureau of Land Management's wild horse corrals in northeastern California in He was released on Aug. The fire destroyed a barn and tons of hay. The government said Thurston had helped install a roof rack on a truck to carry fuel for the firebombs, wiping away fingerprints with alcohol. He also helped obtain "clean maps" free of DNA to help them find their target. Later in California, Thurston joined comrades on a mound overlooking the corrals near Litchfield.

They tested night-vision scopes and cleaned their equipment again.

Then on the night of Oct. Carrying a two-way radio, Thurston helped cut the metal fence around the corrals in a failed attempt to free horses. Once the incendiaries were set, he and the others drove home. Thurston was no stranger to radical environmentalism. In the early s in Alberta, he was convicted of setting fire to fish trucks and stealing 29 cats destined for medical experiments, according to news accounts. In , Thurston and a close friend, David Barbarash, were charged with mailing letters booby-trapped with razors to hunting guides and fur industry officials.

But the charges later were dropped when police refused to disclose their informants. William Rodgers as among those indicted and implicated in the series of firebombings by The Family, including the Vail ski resort. He had moved to Arizona, opened a bookstore, but was still trying to recruit a fellow saboteur not long before his arrest in , prosecutors said.

Rodgers was quoted by the indictment as saying: "I'll be really energized and ready to set up.

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He had gone by "Avalon" and "Mr. Green" and was considered one of the principal leaders of the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front movement.

Environmental Security and Ecoterrorism

He wrote several instructional manuals on how to carry out "malicious destruction" and arson, including "The Black Cat Sabotage Handbook," court documents said. Archived from the original on Federal Bureau of Investigation. Archived from the original on 11 March Retrieved 25 June Style Weekly. Archived from the original on 24 March Ecoterrorism Library in a Book.

New York: Facts on File, Page , 5, 5, 6, 6, 7, , , 48, New Standard. The Guardian. Archived from the original on 13 October Social Movement Studies. In Dunlap, Riley E.